Doris Akhabue

Head of Lab

That's me standing up.
I graduated with a B.Tech in Biochemistry in 2010.

I could tell you about our conventional tissue culture (CTC) process.

I could tell you about our Temporary Immersion Bio-reactor (TIB) which by the way is the largest in Nigeria.

I could tell you about macro-propagation, vine rooting and the other amazing things we are doing in and with Bio-technology.

Instead, I will tell you this: Bio-technology is the ONLY WAY we can achieve our agricultural development goals in the shortest possible time.

Adora Ekwgbara

Assistant Head of Lab

I graduated in 2011 with a  in Applied Biochemistry and have been working with BIOCROPS Nigeria since 2014.

As far as I am concerned,  one of the best things about working in BIOCROPS is the fact that I am actually doing things that I had only read about before.
 Things that I believed could only be done in developed countries such as USA, UK and so on.

For example in my profile picture I am helping to plant yams in the air!, 

Mindie Benjamin

Geneticists and Plant Scientist

I graduated in 2013 with a B.Sc in Genetics and Biotech.

First of all, I assumed with a first degree like mine, I would be a "science" teacher for the rest of my life.

BIOCROPS Nigeria proved that I could do the work I really enjoyed, and get paid for it.

BIOCROPS Nigeria is not just about providing employment opportunites for young scientists like me, it is as far as I am concerned, Nigeria's pathway to food security.

Chinyere Ogbu

Plant Tissue Culture Scientist

I graduated with a first degree in Micro-Biology.

The interesting thing about BIOCROPS Nigeria is that it is not only about working in a sterile lab environment.

The acclamitization part of our work means you get to work in the field, watching over the plants that have been created in the lab.

The other thing I like about my work is that I have become a farmer... sort of. Everything I do, is supports the farmer. Both the subsistence and large scale farmer.

Making a positive difference in their lives is what  working with BIOCROPS Nigeria is all about.



Every year, BIOCROPS takes on a group of interns from universities around Abuja and exposes them to real life application of their under graduate studies.

This is our contribution to ensure that there is an available pool of scientist ready to extend the Agricultural Revolution.

Nonso and Victor are studying Plant Science and Technology at the University of Jos, Nigeria



These interns are also studying Plant Science and Technology at the Unversity of Jos, Nigeria.

From Left to Right they are:
Ndidi Anene
Roselyn Nwachukwu
Nonso Ugwuoke
Grace Adame
Jessica Ogbaje