Why Bio-technology?

i. Our research and development facility allows us to do in weeks, what would take months or even years to do in the field.

ii. We produce disease free seeds and seedlings.

iii. We produce higher yield seeds and seedlings.

iv. We produce more resistant seeds and seedlings.

v. We can quickly scale production of seeds and seedlings according to demand.

We have the Technology, the Expertise and most importantly, the Experience to meet your demand for disease free, high yield seeds and seedling.

why biocrops nigeria?

i. We are very proud of the fact that we are at the fore-front of commercial bio technology development in Nigeria, by Nigerians.

ii. We are the leading supplier of; Made for Nigeria, Made in Nigeria and Made by Nigerians sugarcane seedlings to the major sugar producers in Nigeria.

iii. Our ongoing relationship with the major sugar industry players validates our tissue culture process, and confirms the success of our acclimatization procedures.

iv. We have been successful in meeting “emergency” client demand because, our highly trained staff are able to scale production quickly and efficiently.

v. We are an accredited partner with IITA, Nigeria’s leading agriculture institute.

We were selected as one of the project partners for the YIIFSWA (Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa) program.

vi. We hold international seed supply certification with the International Potato centre and the International Banana Association (PROMUSA).

viii. We have the capacity to rapidly deliver large quantities of:
a. Bananas / Plantain
b. Shea nut
c. Cotton
d. Pineapples
e. Yam
f. Cocoa
g. Sweet potato
h. Eucalyptus
i. Acacia
j. Soybean

our GOAL

To be the cradle of seed and seedling production by Nigerians, in Nigeria for the world .