Coming off the back of several meetings and a white paper submitted by BIOCROPS Nigeria, the MD NIRSAL invited stakeholders of the sugar industry to a round table discussion on the current state of the industry.

The meeting was attended by:

Executive Directors and sector management staff of NIRSAL,

Reperesentatives of the Nigeria Sugar Council,

The National Chairman of the Nigeria Sugarcane growers Association – His Royal Highness, The Etsu Tsaragi,

Representative from Flour Mills Nigeria and BUA group.

BIOCROPS Nigeria was represented by Jonathan Robson.

The key takeaways of the meeting were:

NIRSAL will include sugar amongst its focus crops crops.

NIRSAL would work closely with the Nigeria Sugar Development Council to facilitate the smooth and swift implementation of the Sugar Master Plan.

NIRSAL will work closely with all stakeholders to “fix” the sugar value chain.